In March 2017 OMV Gas Storage Germany GmbH joined Gas Storage Netherlands. The Gas Storage OMV Etzel ESE is situated in North-West Germany and is connected to the Dutch gas network (GTS – Gasunie Transport Services) as well as to the German market areas NCG and Gaspool via the NETRA Pipeline. The working gas volume offered by OMV Gas Storage Germany GmbH amounts to 5.3 million MWh.

With the joining of OMV, Gas Storage Netherlands now has six members. OMV joined Gas Storage Netherlands to represent its interests towards the Dutch authorities, especially with regards to the high transmission tariffs in the Netherlands. Gas Storage Netherlands has developed as an effective vehicle for representing the interests of the gas storage industry.

In recent years, Gas Storage Netherlands successfully advocated the introduction of a discount to achieve more cost reflective and fair transmission tariffs for gas storage connection points. However, the transmission bill for Dutch gas storages is still the highest within the EU. Therefore, OMV will join Gas Storage Netherlands to advocate as an industry the achievement of a level playing field for gas storages in North-West Europe and a timely implementation of NC TAR.

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