On 23 February 2017, Dutch regulator ACM, GTS and 5 representative organisations in the energy market agreed on a method for calculating GTS’ revenues in the years 2017-2021. Involved parties will refrain from appealing on a number of topics in the method. Gas Storage Netherlands is one of the involved parties.

The agreement establishes a number of important foundations under the calculation of GTS’ revenues and is supported by the involved representative organisations. A new principle for setting GTS’ revenues is the introduction of a benchmark for the efficiency of GTS on a European level.

The agreement will lead to lower transmission tariffs and more stability for all parties connected to the GTS grid, so also for gas storages. Transmission tariffs are a major cost item for gas storages and therefore Gas Storage Netherlands supports the agreement. President René Zwanepol: “An important goal for Gas Storage Netherlands is to achieve predictable transmission tariffs for our members. An important milestone is reached by this agreement.”

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