Gas Storage Nederland allows gas storage facility developers and operators to speak with one voice. In this way we can achieve a favourable climate for new and existing gas storage facilities. Together we want to ensure that anticipated regulations, licensing procedures and a level playing field in the Netherlands and Europe are placed high on the agenda by European and Dutch governments and regulatory bodies.

Gas Storage Nederland wants to emphasise the importance of gas storage for a reliable and sustainable energy supply. We are keen to hold discussions with the government, primarily with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), paying particular attention to the essential contribution made by gas storage to transporting gas efficiently. This contribution must become visible by setting fair gas transport tariffs in order to create an attractive investment climate for gas storage facilities. We are also paying attention to the way in which recent European gas policy is being translated into national legislation. It is also important for investors in gas storage to be given enough scope while these policies are being incorporated into national law.